NISHTHA 3.0 (Batch 3) Course Joining Links for Primary School Teachers

NISHTHA 3.0 (Batch 3) Course Joining Links

All the District Educational Ofcers & Ex-Ofcio Project
Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha, Regional Joint Directors of School Education, Additional project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha and Principals of DIETs in the state are informed that during 2021-22 the NCERT has conducted NISHTHA 2.0 (Secondary) and NISHTHA 3.0 (FLN) online teacher training programs hosted on DIKSHA platform/mobile application. Further a re-run option was also given to the teachers who
were not enrolled/unsuccessful in the frst instance. But still on an average 53.28% & 56.88% teachers are pending for NISHTHA 2.0 & NISHTHA 3.0

To ensure the completion of the said courses by all the teachers and School Heads, NCERT has given an option to the state to rerun all the courses of NISHTHA 2.0 (Secondary) & NISHTHA 3.0 (FLN) so as to provide an opportunity to the remaining teachers to complete the courses.

In this context a fresh batch (Batch-3) with all the courses of NISHTHA 2.0 & 3.0 will be reopened as schedule given below.

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నిష్ఠ 3.0 కొత్త 1 to 12 కోర్సెస్ బ్యాచ్3 Joining లింక్స్ & నిష్ఠ 3.0 కంప్లీట్ చేయని అన్ని జిల్లాల ప్రైమరీ , High School టీచర్స్ Dash Boards Links , Primary-High School Enroll Links

నిష్ట 3.0 (ప్రైమరీ టీచర్స్) మరియు నిష్ఠ 2.0 (High school Teachers) లో ఇంకా కోర్సులు కంప్లీట్ చేయని లేదా మధ్యలో కోర్సులు ఆగిపోయిన Primary & High School Teachers కోసం Batch 3 Enrol Links 1నుండి 12 మాడ్యూల్స్ మరల ఓపెన్ అయ్యాయి

NISHTHA 2.0 (Batch 3) Course Joining Links Click here

NISHTHA 3.0 (Batch 3) Course Joining Links

Course1Click hereClick hereClick here
Course2Click hereClick hereClick here
Course3Click hereClick hereClick here
Course4Click hereClick hereClick here
Course5Click hereClick hereClick here
Course6Click hereClick hereClick here
Course7Click hereClick hereClick here
Course8Click hereClick hereClick here
Course9Click hereClick hereClick here
Course10Click hereClick hereClick here
Course11Click hereClick hereClick here
Course12Click hereClick hereClick here

Nistha 2.0 Course Wise Pending Teacher’s Details Click here

Nistha 3.0 Course Wise Pending Teacher’s Details Click here

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