NAVARATNALU – Jagananna Ammavodi Programme 2020-21- Financial Assistant of Rs.15,000/- per annum to each mother or recognized guardian who is below poverty line household and sending their children to Schools/Colleges i.e., from Classes I to XII (Intermediate Education)- Guidelines to launch of the programme on 11- 01-2020 for the academic year 2020-2021-Orders

ORDER: In order to ensure that poverty of the parents does not come in the way of educating their children, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced and launched a unique and innovative scheme “JAGANANNA AMMAVODI.” Releasing financial assistance of Rs. 15,000/- per annum to each mother or recognized guardian from Below Poverty Line (BPL) families that are sending their children to schools or colleges from Class I to XII (Intermediate Education) in all Govt. and Pvt. recognized management schools / colleges in the State. 

Amma Vodi  2020-21 Final Lists- ELIGIBLE -NOT ELIGIBLE WITH REASON

3. Therefore, all the District Educational officers/Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the state are requested to make necessary arrangements to launch of “JAGANANNA AMMAVODI.” scheduled 11th of January, 2021 in all government schools, aided schools and unaided schools as per the guidelines annexed to this orders for the said launch. Similarly launch shall be arranged in all assembly constituencies in the state and the Hon’ble Members of Legislative Assemblies are requested to participate for launching the program in the schools of their choice withing their constituency. Liaison Officers be appointed by the District Education Officers to coordinate such launch at constituency level.




1Should Invite Hon’ble Ministers of respective Districts for inaugural of
”JAGANANNA AMMAVODI” in any of the schools identified by the respective
District Collectors.
2District Collector, Joint Collectors & Senior officers of the District may be
invited to the launch of ”JAGANANNA AMMAVODI” in any of the schools as
identified by the District Collector.
Should invite respective hon’ble MLC/MLAs for inaugural of ”JAGANANN
AMMAVODI” issue instructions to MEOs to co-ordinate.
3Identify one school in the respective Mandal by the District Educational
officer for the said launch with Hon’ble MLA/MLCs in the state.
4Necessary arrangements have to be made in the school to display the
inaugural of the Hon’ble Chief Minister in the big screens at the venue.
5Wide Publicity has to be given in all the local media regarding the launch of
the Jagannanna Ammavodi.
6Should invite Parents Committee Members for launch of ”JAGANANNA
AMMAVODI” prestigious flagship scheme programme on 11.01.2021.
7Regional Joint Director School Education are instructed to follow up with the
respective District Educational Officers & Additional Project Coordinators and
participate in any one of the school in the zone.
8Ensure Safety norms to provide proper sanitation to the invitees including
students and Mothers by duly providing sanitizer by duly meeting the
expenditure from school annual grants.
9Please ensure all protocols of COVID 19 as issued by Government of India
and Government of Andhra Pradesh are followed.
1010 Please ensure that all the participants strictly adhere to mask wearing and
social distancing.

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